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 You might have remembered Trinidad James from his hit track All Gold Everything that dropped four years ago, but what happened to the Atlanta rapper.

He signed a deal with Def Jam Recordings back in 2012, but due to not releasing a full-length album he was later dropped from the label. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been releasing music on his own as an independent artist though.

To those who might have been sleeping on him after he ‘fell off’ in the scene, he has been steadily putting out new content. He released The Wake Up 2 six months ago,but his last actual album was released two years ago- No One is $afe Extra… and The WAKE UP 2.

Well, he just dropped some fire for his lost long fans and the real ones who support continuously with Disrespectful-which will be on his new and upcoming album- Father Figga that drops July 28th.

On June 16th, he dropped the first track Dad that will also be on Fatha Figga just in time for Fathers Day. Many who haven’t heard any of his music lately are diggin’ the new sounds and his follow-up with Di$respectful proves that he doesn’t have to be a mumble rapper to be relevant right now, he has his own sound.

Di$respectful seems to follow his Dad theme, considering his album is titled Fatha Figga- Trinidad has a concept to be seen as a Dad that has a mix of trap, rap and sexual pleasures with other men’s women.

Watch Trinidad James – Di$respectful below on Youtube. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2XYpR26vdU&w=560&h=315]