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Thinking of starting to build your first  home recording studio?


If you are thinking of starting to build your first home studio the first concern and foremost thing you need to attend to when constructing a home recording studio, it is of course the location in your home.

Your first home recording studio could be a room in your house, could be a closet, could be a garage or some sort of an extension room you will work on.  It does not have to be a crazy amount of space but it needs to be in a big enough space for you to feel comfortable to produce your artistic state. A definite pro to having your own home recording studio is that you can also locate the perfect spot in your house for your studio have it up and running and tend to it at any time 24/hrs a day, perfect for when you’re always flowing with musical creative ideas.

home-recording-studio-equipment-listFor the secondary concern, it is gathering the devices and gadgets that are necessary in. However, if you have none you could first have the following: a recording device, a microphone, monitor speakers and headphones, synthesizer, and audio interface.  I will be going more in depth in part 2 of this article. However, if you have none you could first
have the following: a recording device, a microphone, monitor speakers and headphones, synthesizer, and audio interface.  This might sound like a lot of stuff but it really isn’t you can get you’re recording studio up at a cost efficient price if you shop the right places.  Maybe the best place to start looking is garage sales, you never know what you would find laying around at one.  The devices though are already made available in the 21st century is still quite expensive, but for the recording device you could use your very own computer and just install on it the necessary audio and sequencing programs such as Cubase, Pro Tools or Sony Logic. Even though to record like a pro is costly saving money still is possible, just let your resourceful mind work.

Problems You are Likely To Encounter with an Home Studiomaxresdefault-5

Serious precautions have to be put in place when operating a home studio so that you can avoid any kind of accidents that might hamper your success. Pay keen attention to everything that is going on around you and make sure that you monitor the condition your equipment are in.

The first thing you should be mindful about is the possibility that you might lose your work. You might have been working on your big day making a mix tape for several days only to realize that all your work is not available to you. This can make you very frustrated and you might even lose interest, therefore you should always check twice to ensure that all work is recorded and available to you.  You will also have to keep your interface alive at all time since it controls almost everything in the studio. Ensure that you follow the necessary protective measures to protect your equipment form getting damaged.

                                                                       Home Studio Recording Software

homestudio2A home studio usually operates with various kinds of software but for the remainder of the essay I will be mainly focusing on one of the most important software and that it the recording software. Although it is one of the most important of the lot the recording software is easy to operate but you will have to be knowledgeable about what you are doing to ensure accurate and quality recording. The techniques are pretty simple and easily understood so once you have passed through the trial you will be able to start recording in no time. The better you are at operating the recording software the better the quality of your song could be; it will flow smoother and also have more energy.

Most recording software are slightly expensive but you should always try to get one that is reliable and of great quality. One of the best quality recording software available today is the Pro Tools recording software.

I will go even more in depth in part two if you have any questions or just want to give your advice to others about home studio feel free to comment.

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