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Vic Mensa released his album The Autobiography this summer back in July and has gotten a lot of positive feedback on the album. From topics on who to trust, his upbringings,  dependency on drugs, complications with woman, his brother, suicidal thoughts and more – Vic Mensa spills his feelings, thoughts, heart and soul into this album.

Today, he’s come back with a visual for the third track on the album ‘Rollin’ Like A Stoner’, bringing a trippy yet dark vibe, showing Vic’s lifestyle. He shows his ‘rock-star’ lifestyle, he shows that it isn’t all gold and glitter, with Vic showing how dark it all really is for him.

From drinking, smoking, popping pills, and having sex with numerous partners – showing his destructive side. He admits that sobriety is not for him, being anti-social, and that his lifestyle is a problem for his own well-being.


Watch Vic Mensa – Rollin’ Like A Stoner below on Youtube.