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Bhad Bhabie, better known as Danielle Bregoli aka the Cash Me Oussside girl from Dr. Phil was blown up from the episode where she put on the show to show off her bad behaviour towards her mother. Now the two are happily cashing in due to her ignorance on television.

Due to that episode, she has blown up with a numerous amount of memes, theme songs, and her Youtube videos that she posts of reactions, stories and advertising different apps and more. Now she has recently just signed a deal with Atlantic Records and already has two music videos out.

These Heaux has gained over 34 million views within a span of three weeks and will definitely continue to grow. Her new video has split visuals to Hi Bich produced by Ronny J and Wachu Know.

The video starts off with her in a court room with a judge, showing signs of ‘We Luv Bhabie’ and those on her sign cheering her off, the other side of the court can’t stand her. Those on her side are the youth dressed up in street-wear while the other side is older adults dressed for the occasion of being in a courtroom. Once the judge states she’s guilty, the next scene is her in an orange jumpsuit, strapped down to an electric chair which follows up to her in all-white being pulled in her ride by a white horse.

Wachu Know shows her rappin’ to her haters that they don’t know sh*t bout foreign cars, money, trap houses, and more. At only fourteen years old, the girl is definitely stackin’ up if you hate it or love it – she’s on her grind.


Watch BHAD BHABIE – Hi Bich / Wachu Know below on Youtube.