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SZA’s latest project Ctrl dropped June 9th this summer which was highly anticipated by her fans for a long time now.

Ever since the release, SZA has been getting a lot of positive feedback on the project, especially by woman. Representing herself constantly dealing with relationship issues, self-esteem issues, regrets, and more. Openly showing her vulnerability to the world to listen to, SZA gives listeners a project to relate to.

Speaking on being the side-chick, relationship troubles, self-esteem issues, not feeling ‘womanly’ enough, regretting past mistakes, distractions, and having trouble with isolating yourself – SZA said what many may be thinking and going through in their life.

This time she has released another track to go with the vibe her album has, Quicksand which was released on the HBO Show Insecure for Season 2. As SZA sings “Ooh-ooh, so hard to love (so hard)/Darling, you make it too hard to trust/You keep running from me/I’m scared of love/Make it easy for me/I wanna be, it’s difficult for me”, she’s expressing her difficulty with relationships and fear of receiving true love.

With the lyrics from Ctrl compared to this track, you know the issues SZA has being the side-chick and trusting other men, making bad decisions and rough sexual interactions, SZA can’t seem to find someone willing to love her unconditionally.

Listen to SZA – Quicksand below on Youtube.