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Jessie Reyez’s Kiddo EP dropped only four months ago, and she has already gained a huge following over time with eight millions views on her music video for Figures. 

Last week singer-songwriter dropped a music video with Calvin Harris for Hard to Love and this week Great One off of her Kiddo EP. Filmed in Colombia, where Jessie Reyez grew up living before moving Toronto – it really shows her roots and love for her family.

Jessie Reyez shows her raw beauty, family members, and heritage all in one visual – while expressing support from her days ones, wanting to be a millionaire, and making a better life for herself than her parents had.

Life with love, Jessie does question life, while admitting to wanting to have lived her life and be satisfied with what she has done for herself.

Watch Jessie Reyez – Great One below on Youtube.