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Miguel was in Toronto a few days ago and decided to film his music video for the track Skywalker – bringing random Torontorians into the visual.

Starting off with Miguel at the beach with beautiful babes, he plays different characters almost in the video. With chillen in the dark with models, a sauna with even more women, and flying an airplane – Miguel is just having fun and living life.

Bathing with baddies, drinking with friends, and taking photographs of models, Travis Scott comes in with a verse – standing on top of a police car as per usual, with neon lights and smoke everywhere.

By the end of the video, everyone in the video is seen taking shots, partying and Miguel and Travis just vibing. With a clip of his snap chat showing him being in Toronto – Miguel got a bunch of young-ins in the city to be a part of a wild and fun video, showing his love to the city.

Watch Miguel feat. Travis Scott – Skywalker below on Youtube.