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Wiz Khalifa releases the ultimate summer joint and music video with an array of beautiful women and cameos from artists like Demi Levato, Jamie Foxx, Lil Dicky and more.

It starts off with Demi knocking on the door when Ty opens it and then they look at see a bunch of bad shorties pulling up the property. Wiz and Ty being about it – they let them pull up to the pool party and Wiz starts rapping to one of them about getting money and shorty he’s rapping to.

As Ty Dolla $igns sings the chorus :“Baby, come give me something new/’Cause I can’t stop loving you/Since I got a taste of your love/Baby, come give me something new” the two artists are rolling up and drinking with all the shorties – with Wiz vibing out to Ty’s vocals.

What Wiz doesn’t know is, the women came to play them – stealing other mens’ cellphones and Wiz’s money while one of her friends distracts Wiz with her beauty – the rest of them are stealing tons of loot. When they give her a signal that they’re done she walks away from Wiz and he’s left wondering why – they leave and send him a photo with his money to their ears – Saying “Thanks Wiz, you just got licked” – and Wiz runs in the house.

Watch Something New below on Youtube.