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$UICIDEBOY$ have released a new music video for their track 2ND HAND – off their project KILL YOUR$ELF Part XII: The Dark Glacier Saga.

The visuals kept simple, the two rappers are in front of a building that appears to be an old-school looking apartment type building with plants and clear glass windows.

The two have been known to rap about drugs, depression, and having their trademark #killyourself hashtag on their Soundtrack uploads – all fitting with their rap duo name – $UICIDEBOY$.

The first verse expresses thoughts on societies norms, taking drugs just to feed his addiction, and hating the fact that he’s famous – oh, and killing others. By the time SNOWMANE comes in – he talks trash on hypeboys wearing Supreme and Bape, being famous, and stealing yo b*tch.


Watch $UICIDEBOYS – 2ND HAND below on Youtube.