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Trinidad James finally released his highly anticipated EP Fatha Figga on July 28th after releasing music videos for DAD and Di$respectful.

The nine track project has features from Young Thug, Brother Joe and Mandalen Duke – he proves his experimental abilities with bringing truths about the music industry and money. In Anime – Trinidad expresses his thoughts that the industry is out for the young-in’s and how even though he flexes in Di$respectful – he states that money doesn’t make a man. He continues to spread his wisdom on Lucy Lucy on how the kids in this generation are to addicted to a certain lifestyle – making them spend all the money they don’t have on materialistic items.

The animated music video reflects on having more of everything in life – from money, being blessed, poppin’, focused but also stressed and living on the edge.

Watch Trinidad James – WayMo !! below on Youtube.