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Many of you may not be aware of who Jamilia Woods – she is a Chicago based singer-songwriter and poet and creates music for the soul.

She dropped her HEAVN album last year on July 8th and has ben known for her track with Chance the Rapper for Sunday Candy and being on Colouring Book as well on the track Blessings. Well, she’s back with another collaboration with Chance and dropped a music video for LSD.

In LSD – Jamilia Woods brings light and love on her skin colour and herself as a being. In a kiddie pool wearing a bathing suit titled HERO/BLACK – and then is in an ocean of water. Her music alone can heal the soul and is known for her music to be political and as an activist – but she just honestly sings about her life, her confidence and experiences as a woman of colour.

Chance the Rapper raps in a backyard BBQ wearing his typical overalls and behind a colourful background. He raps about being a man of colour, his family residing in different areas, his daughter and more. An extremely colour, empowering and positive video – Jamila only brings those good vibes yet again through her music.


Watch Jamilia Woods – LSD feat. Chance the Rapper