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Dillan Ponders, Toronto rapper has recently just dropped a new visual from his latest album Acid Reign for HEAVEN.

Acid Reign dropped seven months back – the artist has already released multiple music videos for tracks including MANDEM, GO DADDY GO, and BACK STREET BOY. Now in his new visuals for HEAVEN – you can catch a glimpse of a trip with SHROOM DADDY himself.

Starting off with Ponders on a bench introducing the title of the video – he chews on caps and drops liquid acid and falls into a deep hallucination. Finding himself in what it appears to be a straitjacket – Ponders tears it off and starts exploring in an abandoned car lot. Seeing a trippy businessman with a white and black dotted face, multiple Ponders that fade in and out, and colourful smoke grenades – Ponders goes hard for this visual.

While smashing multiple windows of different vehicles, Ponders homies are appeared in the video dressed in all black white black face masks on – including his girl who pulls of an al-white one. Ponders chants in the chorus – “My squad full of Gods, my whole squad full of Gods” while stating being true to himself and reflecting on his past and blessed present.

At the end Ponders states “This must be Heaven”, while getting whacked by someone in a dinosaur costume – but when the head is taken off the costume – it’s Ponders himself.

Stay tuned for NOMANSLAND dropping soon !

Stream DillanPonders – HEAVEN below on Youtube.