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Dave East just dropped a new music video with singer Jazzy Arma and they have created an important track for the youth. Directed by Fred Focus – it gives viewers a glimpse on the two artists painting a picture of inner city youth while showing a young teenage boy trappin’ with his homies.

It shows you more than meets the eye, as Dave expresses how the old-heads aren’t teaching the youngin’s nothing because they still go out, trap, buy expensive clothes and kicks, to partty downtown and get into fights – which leads to shooting.

Halfway through it shows the girl’s point of view – getting sick in the morning thinking she’s pregnant, having to buy a pregnancy test and being relieved when she finds out she’s not. Yet she goes out drinking and popping pills in a nightclub.

An important message to today’s youth that fast living will catch up to you when your older, and to slow down before it’s too late.

Although Slow Down is off of Dave East’s last project – Kairi Chanel, he’s dropping Paranoia EP on August 18th.

Watch Slow Down below on Youtube.