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A COLORS SHOW, a platform that showcases people of all ethnicity to perform their musical talents, whether that be rapping, singing, or combining either or with instrumental playing – A COLORS SHOW has it all. They have new shows weekly and don’t care what genre you are; they showcase everything.

This week they had DEAN, Korean R&B singer perform love on the Youtube channel. His track is a jazzy influenced single that he collaborated with Syd from The Internet. Although DEAN might seem low-key in the American music scene, he has a million followers on Instagram. Not only has he collaborated with Syd The Kyd, but also has a track with Anderson .Paak – Put My Hands On You.

With a simple, purple backdrop Dean sings love in his unique style – rocking clear circle glasses, an Adidas cap, a trench coat, and Nikes and gives off a soulful vibe to his listeners and fans.

Watch DEAN – love | A COLORS SHOW below on Youtube.