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Chase N. Cashe, New Orleans rapper, and producer, just dropped new visuals for his Hold Weight track. He released it on Apple Music and dropped the video last night – July 17th.

As Chase raps the chorus:“Big money everyday, get paid in every state, cause my name hold weight, give a f*ck bout what you say, if you ain’t about the cake, get the f*ck up out my face.”
Cashe hops out of his whip, rapping about money, being real, and providing for his hood.

A simple video, he raps in nature with his whip, flexin’ his hard earned cash, but don’t get it twisted. Chase is one of the most real, most humble dudes out there, which is proven in a sense while he spits:

“A thousand to you, is a dollar to me, my eyes on a million cause that’s a prize I can see, my mind on a billion cause that’s a climb I reach, on a high seeking peeks till I find inner peace.”

He has earned his successes, money and is constantly trying to make money while keeping the peace within himself – referencing Martin Luther King – keeping the dream he holds and grinding to achieve anything he desires.


Watch Hold Weight below on Youtube.