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 SZA just dropped her new album Ctrl finally on June 9th, and has already dropped another visual for her project with the track Drew Barrymore.

The visual matches the lyrics perfectly at the beginning, with SZA singing “Why is it so hard to accept the party is over”, a bunch of hungover friends are laying scattered throughout a room that they crashed in together.

Her and her friends then roam the streets of New York where they go get food and SZA continues to sing lying down. From subways rides to riding sleds down a snow hill, SZA sings “I’m sorry I’m not more attractive, I’m sorry I’m not more lady-like”, as she’s naked in a laundry mat in high-heels, with her hair and make-up done.

Halfway-through the video, you see Drew Barrymore herself walk past SZA with a smile, as she continues to sing about one of her relationships. The trippy visuals show an array of couples while SZA is alone, smoking in a bathtub, and chillen on a rooftop laughing with her friends.


Watch Drew Barrymore below on Youtube. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp45V_M4Akw&w=560&h=315]