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Princess Nokia, rapper from New York just dropped a new music video G.O.A.T. for her upcoming Deluxe for 1992.

She dropped 1992 months back, ans is ready to drop new tracks off the Deluxe album that she’s been working on. Being her first rap project, she has gotten a lot of positive feedback, especially since her album before that Metallic Butterfly 2 years ago was a completely different genre.

Formerly known as Destiny aka WavySpice, she now goes by the her rap name Princess Nokia and is killin’ it with the rap game. Her style is weird, different and completely experimental. Her spirituality shows through some of her tracks such as Brujas, although her first music video release of Tomboy got her buzz going.

She is a strong independent woman that dresses in a hoodie and baggy pants one minute, and a dress the next. She is un-apologetically herself and has made huge waves for herself by rapping and continuing her own Smart Girls Club Radio podcasts on her Soundcloud where she talks about her life experiences and spirituality practices.


Watch G.O.A.T. below on Youtube.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa5HMtVqR6o&w=560&h=315]