Denzel Curry- 13 [EP Stream]

Denzel Curry just recently dropped his Hate Government [demo] , then followed up with Equalizer feat. Ronny J and Zeltron 6 Billion.

He finally dropped the whole 13 EP yesterday, and even though it is a short project, it shows his fans the tracks he’s been working on with some new material as well. The project is a follow-up to his last project Imperial which dropped 8 months ago.

The 5 track is full of energy, with productions from Ronny J, FNZ, Eric Dingus and Vae Cortez. With the same vibe as Curry always holds, Bloodshed starts off with Curry holding his own, stating that he is in fact a real one, and will bring Bloodshed if you f***k with the Ultimate.

Hate Government [demo] shows Curry’s abilities once again with a track about the government and how his life has always been at risk due to the colour of his skin. Although it’s only a demo, it is a strong track, Curry spits “Eeny meeny miny moe, Tic Tac Toe, Leave a XO on The Death Note I Wrote”, possibly taking a stab at XO movement and once again showing his love for anime with the Death Note reference.

Equalizer produced by Ronny J himself also has a feature of himself over the track, bringing something new to the two that are known to kill a track together. Curry experiments his vocals in this one, projecting a raspier and deeper rhyming voice, while Ronny J sings in auto-tune over his trap beat.

Heartless is another experiment from Curry’s usual sound, with a mix of singing and vocal change, over his usual hard-hitting production by Vae Cortez. Zeltron 6 Billion reflects his tunnel vision, rapping about his artistry and not being concerned with the industry, with a feature from Lil Ugly Mane.

This EP is only something to hold his fans over his full-length project Taboo, so look out for that. Don’t let it fool you though, according to Denzel’s Soundcloud, 13 stands for something.

“The ideology behind 13 the number is actually the representation of B and B is the letter beginning of the word Black(13LACK). 13 is seen as an unfortunate and unlucky number due to superstition that’s plagued society for generations. I’m considered misfortune due to the fact that I’m not only a black person but I’ve always felt that my heart and soul was black due to certain circumstances in life that I have yet to get over and you don’t have to be African American to feel that way. 13 is all around us, for example 13 is a difficult age for most because it’s our path to adult hood. Jesus and 12 disciples make 13 according to big rube and lastly the 13th floor was always seen as something to be afraid of world wide. 13 is the part of an unfortunate distorted life.”- Denzel Curry


Stream 13 (EP) below on Soundcloud. 

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