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A$AP Ferg has been grindin’ hard lately and has recently put out many tracks for his fans. With his most recent tracks; East Coast featuring Remy Ma, Paper Chasin’ with Dave East, and Back Hurt with Migos, there’s no denying the hard work this rapper puts in on a day to day.

He even has recently been to Liberia to help those in need, and collaborate with the socially conscious clothing brand uniform. He uses his own platform to help those in need and put smiles on people’s faces and that’s something to look up to in today’s generation that’s constant money driven and filled with greed and status.

In his latest video with A$AP Rocky, the two of them reflect on girls they take advantage of just because of their fame. It’s deeper than that though, while Rocky wears a tee that states: WE SHOULD AL BE FEMINISTS, the chorus reflects on knowing he is wrong for the decisions he’s made with multiple women he’s encountered and asks for the Lord’s forgiveness. A$AP Ferg reflects on a girl he was with as she walks in on him cheating with another woman. Thanks to his actions, he’s praying on his knees to the Lord repenting his sins with regret. He wishes that he wasn’t with those other woman because now he’s alone and lost a classy woman that had a great deal of love for him; being a superstar Ferg is learning the hard way with life experiences.

While the two rap about personal matters, they also show off their high-fashion outfits, with a numerous amount of models in the video taking place in a Church. Wearing all white, it could be a symbol of the purity woman have, or maybe it could just be an outfit match for the video. Who knows. Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 has no release date yet, but Wrong is apparently a track off the mixtape, so stay tuned for what Ferg has in stores next.

Watch Wrong below on Youtube.