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 PARTYNEXTDOOR just recently surprised his fans with a new EP; COLOURS 2 which is a follow up fro his PNDCOLOURS.

With this EP being the first release of PARTYNEXTDOOR for the year of 2017, and it is completely random, his fans were extremely hyped up about the release.

The first track Peace of Mind reflects on a girl that he has feelings for and has never had a love like this before. She gives him a ‘peace of mind’, and he doesn’t want to loose her because she actually invests effort with spending time with him.

Freak In You is about the way other women want him and pay attention to him, but he’s only focused on one woman in the room. The mysterious thoughts he has about this woman and questioning her to explore her sexuality. At the same time, he doesn’t want the mind games that some woman play and that he has other options, so he needs her to decide if she wants to indulge in him.

Low Battery kicks up the beat a lot compared to the last two tracks and is a lot more upbeat, but still, has emotional personal content. Again, is about a woman he is or was seeing, but is worried about being lied to. A back and forth text conversation, he wants to know if she has slept with another man, but he won’t judge her, he’s not perfect either. Nonetheless, he just wants to have closure with her and move on if that’s the case.

He closes the EP off with Rendezvous, which reminds me of a Bryston Tiller type production track, but still has the flow and vocals of PND. He knows that this girl he’s seeing has feelings for him even though she’s with someone else, but PND doesn’t care. (that much anyways) He really just wants to play with her and have a good time, it’ll be their little secret.


Stream COLOURS 2 below on Spotify.