Don’t Sleep On DillanPonders- Toronto Rapper Making Waves

Dillan King, better known as DillanPonders is a Canadian rapper from Toronto; and has been steadily gaining more recognition.

He dropped his new single; PLANET PONDERS last week and everyone can agree that it is a straight banger. Last month he dropped his first single DOUBTS off his new and upcoming album; NO MANS LAND. 

Both tracks show impressive quality and skill, but also diversity. He keeps improving as an artist over time and is constantly evolving.

His last album; ACID REIGN dropped not even a year ago, but four months ago! That just goes to show you the amount of work this guy has been putting in. He shows that he has been on a spiritual journey with his life and path. He raps about believing in yourself, losing his mind and finding himself, and spreading love all within the first track BRUCE BANNER. He introduces the whole album perfectly, then delves into his life and what he’s learned along the way. From losing his mind, his friends and all the tyranny along the way, he has found his true purpose in life.

His raspy vocals with his inebriation and manic tendencies greatly show on the album, ranging from doing illegal things, not sleeping for days on end, becoming who he wants to be and everything else in between. Being a God in the downtown scene, he is greatly appreciated by his fans and new listeners; whether it’s hate or love portrayed, he only focuses on himself.

He then reflects on a more personal level with his track HERCULES (one of my favorites) about how he’s taking over, getting his, and those who talk shit about him. He spots the fakeness, but is focused on making money and isn’t phased. He’s taking over in the rap game and states that anyone who has a problem with him really has a problem with themselves because they’re insecure about who they think they are. Everyone these days wears the same clothing, and are all bandwagoners to certain things to make themselves seem more interesting, but not Dillan. DillanPonders is just truly himself, and that’s what makes him stand out so much. He constantly proves himself to others who never believed in him, but seems to be unphased due to the self-love he has given himself and the work he has been putting in shows his successes.

HEAVEN shows his drug use and mind opening experiences and realizing that himself and the people he surrounds himself are Gods. Staying true to yourself is something he encourages his listeners to do. Anyone who listens to him as a true fan most likely has gone through some type of life changing experience and came across his music for a reason.

From only chillen with the ‘MANDEM, Ponders has a couple of tracks that proves he can hold his own, and still make a banger out of a diss track. (WASTEMON) GO DADDY GO shows his fun and crazy playful ways with other women. Even in the video, it’s a number of women in a line up waiting to have their fun with Ponders. You can see him smoking, eating a banana rapping bout the ladies that scream ‘GO DADDY GO’ when he performs on stage.

Overall, he portrays many aspects of his life and lifestyle with being an artist. He has constantly been on the road to self-discovery and is an inspiration to those who are in a similar situation. He may have ‘lost his mind bout a couple hundred times’, but in order to heal and move onto a better life, you have to struggle and grow stronger from life in order to fully evolve into who you are meant to be. Not everyone is meant to be understood, so just appreciate the music already.

Stay tuned for his upcoming album; NO MANS LAND. 

If you haven’t heard DillanPonders album ACID REIGN, stream it below on Soundcloud as well as his newest single; PLANET PONDERS. 

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