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 T Gramz, Canadian rapper just recently released new visuals; All Day featuring Doucemane, Geezy Loc and Dre Barrs. There is no debating that this track goes absolutely hard and reflects on the street lifestyle.

T Gramz dropped his Doh Carter Diaries, (World Series Edition) which has 15 tracks, All Day being the 14th track on the album. The album introduces the fact that T Gramz resides in Toronto with Toronto City, and the fact that it has a lot of killers, dope, and the fact that it’s a universal thing that these kinds of things happen in Canada too, not just in The States. He reps Toronto in the track and is proud to be from the East End, with Tyco featured on the track as well.

From features to Tyco, Maino, Geezy Loc, Sayzee, Hungreee Mon plus more, T Gramz put a lot of his homies on for this album. His tracks consistently show that he is a street poet, and isn’t a fictional artist like some rappers are. He is a real rapper straight from the streets and has had to deal with sleeping in the trap, hustling to make ends meet, and trying to avoid fake friends that are envious of his successes. He also has a track dedicated to one of his homies that passed- Power RIP Glock, and the fact that he lost three close ones within the same year, you can really hear the pain and remorse.

The album shows a lot of diversity from street vibes to catchier tracks like Wavy and Playa Shit, hard hitting raps in No Hook that show strictly rhymes, to classical samples in 2 Live N Die in T.O. plus more. Within the whole album though he still keeps it consistent with his lifestyle and remains faithful to his theme of being a street rapper.

In the visuals for All Day, Joshua Halunga- the videographer of his own company Limitless Visual Productions captures a typical day with the rappers in the streets and in the kitchen whippin’, counting cash and trappin’. You can see that they live the life and reflect on their perspective on the street life.


Watch All Day below on Youtube.