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 dvsn, the Canadian Toronto R&B duo, composed of  Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 just recently released a new track; Think About Me.

Being signed to OVO, the duo premiered the track on Apple’s beats 1 Radio Show during the seventh OVO Radio Show. They only signed to Drake’s last year and the two have made a huge come up already in the music scene.

Toronto has been making waves not only in the rap and hip-hop community but also with R&B. With artists like Drake, PartyNextDoor, and Majid Jordan, dvsn is bringing something new to the table just like the rest of these artists. The thing about Toronto is there are so many more artists coming out and growing as of lately, such as Daniel Caeser from the ixxi collective and they keep bringing authentic creative sounds that make Canadians proud.

dvsn dropped their album Sept. 5th on March 27th last year but have been relatively quiet since then working on new music for their fans, and stated on their social media that there was new music coming out soon by the duo.

dvsn’s new track Think About Me will definitely have you in your feelings, as usual. The track reflects on an ex-girlfriend perhaps and thinking about that person. Daniel’s voice is nothing less of breathtaking, the energy through his vocals is unreal. He continues to sing about the girl he has feelings for, but says how she has to still think about him, and how couldn’t she. He will be there to put her first before anything and tell her the truth. Definitely a sexual song, it will leave you with chills. The water drops and nostalgic vibes with lyrics that will resonate with many will leave their thoughts flowing.

Overall, it’s about how he doesn’t see him and this girl only being friends due to the past experiences they’ve had together, and he’s reminiscing about the times they’ve shared. He is saying that she thinks about him still, to defend his own feelings of thinking about her, but it’s true, that he will never love anyone the way he loved her.

Stream Think About Me below on Youtube.