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Devvon Terrell dropped a new single on Mothers Day; Dear Mama, which will have you reminiscing about your childhood and be thankful for your mother.

The track reflects on the sacrifices his mother made for him as he was growing up and paying for everything even if she couldn’t afford it. Now he’s making a living off his music and is working every day to make sure his mother gets what she deserves. He talks about owing her his life and that he finally is here giving her what she deserves from the years of taking care of him and supplying him the best she could and beyond.

The R&B singer is constantly on his grind from making cover videos and posting them on Youtube, to working on new tracks and selling his own clothing line; The Living Weirdo. He has collaborated with rappers such as Futuristic on their album Coast 2 Coast and has dropped solo albums including his latest Medley and The Renaissance. 

The artist has been known to be versatile with his music, ranging from R&B, to rap, covers, and writing his own material; Devon Terrel can do it all. He just recently was featured in the Forbes magazine in February and keeps making waves.

His music video Why So Serious has over a million views on Youtube, and his references to popular artists in the industry and his fun, weird personality shows in his music. He has gained a huge following in the past few years and now makes a living off his clothing brand, record sales, and streaming revenues.

What makes him different from other R&B singers is his uniqueness in the remixes he sings. When he does covers, he doesn’t just sing the original song, he usually sticks with the chorus and sings his own verses, putting his own spin on it. He also started releasing Tales of The Living Weirdo, which is music videos that connect to one another being released one after the other. He has released five videos as a project of his to yet again be unique with putting out content.

The videos all have 5 Acts and shows different scenes from him talking about a girl he’s been seeing, wanting the girl he’s seeing to call him and ending up at her apartment, to being outside with his homies and reflecting that there’s no love in the city. He then gets personal with Scene 4 about his father and wanted him in his life not just financially, but loves himself for who he is and doing his own thing in life. The last scene Man Down reflects on his life now how now that he has money everybody wants a favor and to eat, when he has worked hard for years upon years to get what he deserved; with more money comes more problems.

Stream Dear Mama below on Youtube.