Video: J Cole- Neighbours

 J Cole has tremendously been on the grind, he always is with his music. He recently released his album; All On Eyez On Me back in December 2016.

The 10 tracks album has been one of his greatest works of all time since he’s started rapping. It was released the same date of Ab-Soul’s DWTW album, and a lot of fans of each rapper was debating which rapper was better or what album was better. I personally think the two have different styles and shouldn’t be compared, but that’s what happens in the industry.

Since then, he has released a short film Eyez which was behind the scene footage of his creative process and making of 4 Your Eyez Only, but has dropped a new 50 minute film; J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only – a Dreamville film, which reflects on J. Cole’s life, clips of his music, and public housing.It has clips of the community attending church, and Cole walking through the streets. He visits a memorial or a young friend that passed, and it shows that what is happening in the hood isn’t right. The way society portrays that they can only rap, sell drugs, or play NBA, which is what Cole raps in the film, he shows the struggle people in the hood have with money and death. There is multiple arrests, deaths, stabbings, and lack of jobs. It shows the racism being shown in the world and how it is a white man’s world. He shows the Neighbours video that he then released seperately on Youtube. He tells his perspective through his music and then showcases it in his visuals that he has directed himself along with Scott Lazer.

The visuals he dropped along with it was to his track Neighbours, which is real footage of his house that got raided by a SWAT team. It shows them going through his house, breaking down doors, and turning off his cameras throughout the house.

The visuals match the lyrics, while J Cole raps: How I feel damn, it’s late, I can’t sleep cause I’m paranoid, black in a white man territory, cops bust in with the army guns, no evidence of the harm we done, just a couple of neighbours that assume we slang, only time they see us we be on the news, in chains, damn. 

J.Cole never disappoints with the lyrical content an inspiration for everyone that listens to the words he decides to share with us. He is an artist that deserves the recognition and is always helping spread those messages to wake us up as people going through everyday struggles.

Watch Neighbours below on Youtube.