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Tasha the Amazon, Toronto rapper and producer has heavily been on the come up in the music scene lately and here’s why. Not only has she been grindin’ with her sound for years now, but she has most recently been nominated for a Juno award for Rap Recording of the Year. She was up against some of Toronto’s best including Drake and Tory Lanez.

She put out her EP Die Every Day, and it has been getting a lot of buzz. The release of Die Every Day was November 16th last year but it has over 64.5 K on her track Prayer and although she is a GOAT for Toronto’s underground party scene, she is steadily on her way to the top.

I remember seeing her years back at Manifesto performing with Isaiah Rashad and Dillan Ponders (another amazing Toronto artist) and she jumped off stage into the crowd and no one caught her, but got right back up and kept on rockin’ the stage. She is known for her wild antics and intensity in her music, but now a lot of people ride her wave. (ironic isn’t it?)

She definitely hasn’t given up on her music career, and that is definitely something you can respect her for. She is not going anywhere and is only getting more and more praise in not only Toronto’s music scene, but just the music scene in general.

After the release of Die Every Day, she put out music videos for Picasso Leaning (before the release), Watch it Burn, and now Prayer. On My Level is also on there of course, but the video was released a year ago, her music has definitely progressed a lot. Not only does she do everything on her own with her crew, she produced the project with her partner Danthrax. (Bass and Bakery)

Her sound is perfect for letting out steam, anger, or simply just turning up to. She is known for being involved in the downtown party scene, and her sound is perfect for just that. She has hard hitting production with an intense flow delivery. Her rhymes are usually about whatever it is that has influenced her every day. From partying and the influences it has on not only her but others, she references Rap Season, lack of sleep from the fast life style, not caring about fame, wearing all black, living how she wants to, not caring what critique’s think, coming from the bottom, money, and more. Being reckless, crazy, and apologetically herself, Tasha the Amazon creates her own wave.

If you have been sleeping on this artist, here is your chance to get familiar with one of the city’s greatest. She just performed with Earl Sweatshirt for CMW (Canadian Music Week) so if you missed out on that also stay tuned on her social media platforms for any upcoming releases or shows.


Watch Prayer below on Youtube.