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Lil Uzi Vert just dropped a new video to his track Do What I Want off of his mixtape The Perfect Luv Tape.  

He dropped the tape last year in July, so in the perfect time for the summer season, his fans get to watch him living it up in Hawaii.

In the video, you can see Lil Uzi walk out of this wooden straw home type thing through a door that looks kinda like a portal, walking into Hawaii and stating that he now does what he wants. (obviously) It is another fun track by Lil Uzi, but the video reflects the fact that now since he is a famous rich rapper, he has not only the money to buy what he wants, but the freedom to do what he wants too.

You can see his homies walking through the portal door as well and they are all turning up in Hawaii, riding dirt bikes and ATVs, and jumping into a pool that’s part in a huge mansion. With beautiful shots of Hawaii’s atmosphere, you can see Lil Uzi flexin’ with his multiple watches, stating how he started from the bottom and how now made it to the top.

You can really feel the joy and happinesss of Uzi and his homies in the video, simply living life to the fullest, young, rich and successful; there is nothing Lil Uzi can’t do.

With his latest release of XO TOUR Llif3 (Produced By TM88) with the animation visuals of Uzi stoned out of his mind driving a car, it has hit over 59 million on Youtube and growing. With Bad and Boujee hitting over 346 million also, and Money Longer being a platinum selling single. He is definitely one of the most relevant rappers in the industry right now and has been dropping hit after hit. On top of that, he has a featured track for The Fast and Furious Album with Quavo and Travis Scott; Go Off. With two more recent videos on top of that too, he released You Was Right and Ps and Qs. 

There’s no doubt that he is cooking up something right now and ready to drop yet another hit single.

Watch Do What I Want below on Youtube. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqflC-as2Qo&w=560&h=315]