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Kendrick Lamar released his music video HUMBLE. and it blew up all over the Internet, to no surprise, it reached over 77 million views on Youtube and is continuously growing.

He then dropped his highly anticipated album DAMN. which consists of 14 tracks, with two major features from Rihanna and U2. Thanks to Kendrick, many who may not know who Zacari is (featured on track 10; LOVE.) but will most likely be discovered for new fans. He has collaborated with Ab-Soul and Isaiah Rashad as well who are both also in TDE; so his following has continued to grow.

The 14 track album is definitely his best work yet, he put a lot of thought into this project and it shows. It has a lot of diversity with different sounds, yet he still remains true to himself with his lyrical abilities; Kendrick never disappoints. Speaks on police brutality, having different aspects in his DNA, from being born in Compton and having street traits as well as power, ambition, hustle, etc and more. He states that he would die for music, and reflects on his childhood, being a legend, and the sacrifices he has made for his music career. From hard hitting tracks like HUMBLE and DNA, to catchier tracks like ELEMENT, LOYALTY and LOVE, and more chilled out tracks such as YAH., PRIDE, and FEEL., there is definitely a lot of variety for his fans to appreciate. Obviously, HUMBLE. is on there as well as others tracks such as LUST., XXX., FEAR., GOD., and DUCKWORTH. Just listen for yourself to hear how diverse the album really is, trust me.

He just put out his second music video for the album, DNA and once again it is a powerful message. It has two sections to the visuals, where the first part is Kendrick with actor Don Cheadle, who walks into a room where Kendrick is handcuffed to a table, and there’s a lie detector test beside him. He lip syncs the track with the two of them going back and forth, but there is more meaning to it than others may think. When he starts to interrogate Kendrick, saying DNA stands for Dead N***** Association, he then touches the machine and gets electrically shocked, almost possessed by Kendrick himself. He then starts rapping Kendrick’s lyrics, it’s almost as if Kendrick’s two sides generally question themselves while he’s rapping about the traits that are inside of his DNA. Cheadle then let’s him go, and Kendrick walks out into the streets.

While he’s walking, the clip of the track states: “This is why Hip-hop has done more damage to young African Americans”, then states how others DNA is an abomination, reflecting on his come up, dodging paparazzi, questioning his destruction and fate, the second half of this video is very ironic in a sense. It shows him and his homies playing dice and baddies driving wreckless screaming and laughing. Randomly though at the end, of course, Schoolboy Q lights up, and walks up to the camera before smashing it, which is something he would do.

Watch DNA below on Youtube. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLZRYQMLDW4&w=560&h=315]