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Toronto rapper, OMYGOTTI just released his new album Perfect Timing and let’s just say it came in the perfect time for the weather we’ve been having. Definitely an album for turning up, GOTTI brings diversity; with the different production and flows yet keeping the same kind of energy overall.

The 11 track album consists of straight turn up, hard hitting tracks, OMYGOTTI reflects on money, power and not being phased by broke haters in Perfect Timing as well as ladies, smoking, and the fact that you need things like this in life. (his anyways) His team has only just got started and aren’t focused on the weak.

Cuba definitely has a summer, palm tree vibe to it due to the beat and content in the track. “You know I had a bad bitch in Cuba” is chanted by OMYGOTTI while he speaks on smoking tree, and being a young boss. He then switches it up on To My Exes, where he switches up the melody of the album, singing about how he doesn’t want any of his exes, and how he’s living his life right.

Moves Like Me is more upbeat, definitely something you can hear in the club. Guest list, Henny, ladies, and not giving a f***, OMYGOTTI is boastful is this track, stating that those around want to makes moves like he is. Of course, he puts in work daily, so if anything he’s confident in his abilities and achievements. Has a bit of a reggae-ton vibe to it, it is something you can picture drunk ladies on the beach grindin’ on men to.

OMYGOTTI shows pride in being from Toronto with the hard hitting track Toronto Star, while Lionesse is somewhat of a romantic, Bonnie and Clyde type track, referencing the Lion King and his lady being his Lionesse. What Do You Mean? is a rhetorical question to ask those why they don’t know GOTTI which is the chorus, while Reasons goes back to the club vibe with the production, on why these b****s are the reason behind GOTTI’s behaviours with sexual inter-counters, and flying out to spend the night with them.

Chateau is another track reflecting on his enemies, slim waist thick thigh-ed woman, and solely focusing on himself and what he creates instead of worrying what other people do. Practice goes back into the lady-club track with similar production as Reasons, speaking on similar topics, but how she don’t need practice; a lady on his team being a star in his eyes.

Till I Notice You ends off with  a slower, serious track rapping on if he notices you, you can ride with him, you can talk shit, whatever it is, he won’t notice you until it is presented to him. Definitely an album that you can turn up to or vibe to, OMYGOTTI got those vibes for you all to get through and for the summertime.


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