Video: Soulja Boy Gets Phone Snatched on Instagram Live in His ‘Own Hood’

So if you haven’t been paying attention to the craziness that has been coming from Soulja Boy lately well this is sure to enlighten your night. After going back and forth with Chris Brown and even agreeing to have a boxing match, Soulja Boy pledges his life long membership allegiance to his apparent hood gang Fruit Pirus from ‘Bompton’ California.

First of all I didn’t even know Soulja boy was from Compton or excuse me Bompton. Well this is news. To make matters worst A group of ‘real’ Fruit Pirus claimed Soulja Boy isn’t actually from the hood and behind to show off their artillery. When you thought things couldn’t get worse Soulja Boy makes his way down to the hood and guess what? Yup one of the guys from the video claiming Soulja isn’t from the hood actually shows up. Soulja Boy got giddy and tried to put his arms around dude but dude was not having any of it. Looks like things were about to get heated before camera cuts. Check out the drama after the jump.


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