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Bryson Tiller is back with a new music video to follow up from his album release and hit single with DJ Khaled and Rihanna with a reach of over 380 millions views.

With the album release of True to Self that Tiller dropped back in May, this week Tiller drops a music video for track # 9 – Run Me Dry. 

At the beginning of the video, a blank TV searching for reception is shown, with plants, books and a messy bed in a vintage looking room, Tiller comes in for a verse. With a mistress in the background, he reflects on a woman he’s been thinking about.

Starting off as an ode to someone he had deep feelings for, by the end he states how he doesn’t even care about her anymore. From always having her back, spending his money on her and crying over her, he lost his respect for her due to how she’s treated him in the past. No longer obsessing over his presence, his obsession is now gone too since he didn’t realise he was the best for her.

With red and blue hues, half way through the video Tiller is singing in front of women on bikes while it’s raining. The lady he once desired in the shower shows feelings of remorse and deep thought – but Tiller could care less.

Watch Bryson Tiller – Run Me Dry below on Youtube.