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Daniel Caeser, rising R&B singer-songwriter from Toronto has been makinga huge impact in the music industry as of lately. Back in June, he dropped two tracks We Find Love and Blessed – which will be off of his upcoming album Freudian.

The visuals Daniel put out combine the two tracks in one video which is an array of film-strip grainy visuals of him and a girl that represents the girl of his dreams. While burning sage in the video, Caeser sings: We find love, we get up, then we fall down, we give up, we  find love , we get up, we fall down, we give up. 

As Blessed comes in, the visuals stay the same, but you see Daniel with a different chick. Reflecting on her energy and him needing to be surrounded by it, he admits the state of the relationship can be unhealthy, but he’s still blessed to be with her. Making an ode to the city of Toronto – he shows clips of the TTC streetcars and Cherry Blossom trees.

Both having huge gospel influences induced with piano – Daniel makes love ballads that will literally make you shed a tear.

Watch We Find Love / Blessed below on Youtube.