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Saint Case, rapper based from Atlanta and Toronto just dropped some new visuals for his fans. Known as being versatile, Saint Case can switch up to straight bars and flows to bringing feel good chill stoner tracks.

The music video Count Me Out was shot in Toronto by Toralai Films, directed and edited by Saint Case himself- the short yet simple video in a graffiti type abandoned building or house shows him, a couple of homies and a shorty vibing to his track.

The track reflects on people throughout his life that have counted him out numerous times, making it an anthem for those who have felt the same. The auto-tune with the production by Nautylus is a vibe, Saint Case sings:

“They tried to count me out, count me out, they tried to feed me lies, they tried to see me down, I’m way upon a cloud, I’m never coming down..”

He reflects on those throwing shade and bringing him bad vibes, but it’s clear that the good vibes are here to stay now that he’s here, he doesn’t have any more doubts when his hard work and music is taking off. He’s taking it back to his family when he gets back to Atlanta.


Watch Saint Case- Count Me Out below on Youtube.