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If any Danny Brown fans have heard of the rapper’s new album Atrocity Exhibition, then you’ve most likely heard the track Lost which appears on the album. The album dropped last year in September, and managed to get a lot of positive feedback. Being listed as one of the top 50 best albums in 2016 on Rolling Stone, Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition was listed as #19.

The grimey Detroit rapper has followed up with this album from his 2013 – Old album, switching labels to Warp Records, the sound of music was extremely experimental. He raps a lot about his addictions, mental health issues and drugs. He flows on different instrumentals and proved his ability to rap over the most complex beats.

In the visuals for Lost, you can see Danny Brown had to make it cinematic- maybe to pay homage to directors Kubrick and Speilberg, which he raps about in the track itself. With his past situation being a drug dealer, Danny is inside of an apartment cooking drugs, and dealing them out. With other homies and women in the video, Danny gives his listeners and viewers a sense of paranoia due to him looking inside a peephole, amongst many others doing the same before entering the apartment. Directed by Matilda Finn, it definitely has a claustrophobic vibe to it, making the viewer seem as if they can’t breathe. From vomiting the track title Lost to peeping in the apartment peephole, boiling money, and seeing broke people in the lobby, the video is a perfect example of Danny’s past.

As a woman walks to the apartment Danny is in, and along the walls are strung out people, as she walks in to others in the apartment, Danny Brown is cooking up the drugs, while woman stir the bowl of white. He expresses the fact that in order to eat he has to be in the kitchen and count his stacks. While dealing the drugs and being a user at the same time, he states at the same time that you don’t have to be involved in that kind of a life and can be successful with hard work and bettering yourself- there’s no need to sell the drugs and commit crime.


Watch Lost below on Youtube.