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Angel Haze, rapper, and singer from Detroit just dropped a new track No Limits that is off of her new and upcoming album – Roses Will Rise Again.

Just know that Angel Haze has been putting in work since her last album- Back to the Woods which dropped over a year ago. She put out her first music video of the album- Resurrection which was released on Youtube two months ago to give fans a taste of her new music.

The track and video represent her transformation- old parts of her dying and shed to become who she is truly meant to be. Although it shows her on a cross in the video, it is more spiritual than religious. Any real fan of Haze knows how spiritual she is- always working on her craft and doing things that resonate with her soul.

A perfect visual to give fans a taste of what her new album will reflect- Back to the Woods revealed a lot of dark times in her past and overcoming different struggles. The resurrection shows that she had to die and be re-born to a newer, stronger being than she was before.

No Limits is yet another reflection on that too, with the beginning of the track being Haze’s listing off five things she would rid off to get to her victory. As she lists these things- her ego, fear, attachment to toxic things in her life, negativity crutches, and her past- she goes in.

The chorus states her uniqueness and standing out as an artist:

“Risk being uncomfortable to become unstoppable, I’m just different (I’m just) I’m just different, I risk all of my fake friends just to go handle my business, Yeah I’m just different.”

After she chants the chorus, Haze goes in- as usual with her rhymes. Expressing her love, focus, and good energy- Haze speaks about fake friends she cut loose to persevere in her career. Not about making friends, she is solely focused on being her higher self, and succeeding with her art. She isn’t concerned with others, trying to find peace within herself, and having faith in what she does.

Stream No Limits below on Soundcloud.